Saturday, October 9, 2010


The bounty from Bountiful Baskets was good this morning!  Here's some of what we have planned for all of those fruits and veggies.

*Fresh Tomato Sauce 
*Veggie Beef Stew
*Carrot Soup
*Chicken Fajita Soup with bell peppers
*Fruit salsa
*Banana Bread with a twist or 2
*Kid friendly potatoes

**Obviously the leaves are changing colors because the recipes are turning all warm and soupy around here.  

Check back throughout the week to see what we think of the recipes we have planned. You just might find one you have to add to your menu for the week!

Also coming this week, a price comparison because who doesn't love seeing how much money they could have spent on produce if it weren't for Bountiful Baskets.

And the most exciting thing to look forward to...


It looks like it's going to be busy in our kitchens this week. 

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