Monday, October 18, 2010

great minds think alike . . .

. . . or, I guess just sisters think alike!

I sent Kim an email yesterday morning, before church, telling her one of us should do grilled cheese with apple sandwiches.  I LOVE them, but got the idea from her a couple of years ago.  I told her she could do that post if she wanted, but if not, I (ok, maybe my stomach) would be more than happy to make them this week and do a post about it.

Well, all through church I thought about those delicious sandwiches.  So that's what we had for lunch yesterday.  Turns out Kim did the exact same thing!  I logged onto the blog last night to post about the sandwiches and found she already had.  And then she sent me an email that said, "cin, we made grilled cheese with apples and tomatoes today.  that sounded so good it was practically all i could think about in church today." I laughed when I read that and thought, "we must be related!"

So here is our take on Grilled Cheese with Apples Sandwiches:

I like to cut my apples in half, the opposite way people normally do.  I like how it makes perfect circles and I can easily cut out the seeds with a pearing knife.  Or maybe I just like the cute little star that appears.

I personally just use a little spray butter on my bread.  Some of you probably hate spray butter but I don't mind it. It takes hardly any and cuts down on the calories and makes it less greasy and messy.

Next, layer the apples and cheese on the bread.  This time we used two different kinds of cheeses, a Mexican blend and an Italian blend.  It made it so YUMMY!  Both my husband and I said it was the best grilled cheese sandwich we've ever had.  Between the two cheeses and the Bountiful Basket bread, it made it amazing!

We love cooking our grilled cheese sandwiches in our sandwich maker we got for our wedding.  Before I was married, I just cooked it on the George Foreman.  If you have one or the other and have always just cooked it on the stove in a pan, give one of these a try!  I can't really put my finger on why, but I think it makes the sandwich so much better!

If you are looking for an easy and delicious way to switch up lunch today, give this a try.  I promise it won't disappoint!

P.S...for another really good variation, use some of those Bountiful Basket pears.  It too is delicious!


Kim said...

you're so smart. i am cutting my apples like that next time!!!

Savannah said...

I love apple cheese sandwichs, but I also add cooked bacon to mine. They are so good!