Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baked POTATO Soup

We celebrated my dad's birthday today with a family get together.  Cindy and I each made a soup.  With the arrival of another bag of potatoes in our baskets yesterday, I opted for a baked potato soup.  I have a delicious recipe already but it is more of a potato corn chowder and my dad can't eat corn so I went looking for another recipe and I found an amazing one.  I think this may actually take the place of the recipe I already have potato soup.  I think...

I followed the recipe, except I did change 3 simple things:

1) I used many more potatoes than the recipe called for.  I like my soups chunky.
2) I used a little less basil but added some thyme.
3) In the end, I cooked up some corn so that those of us who can't imagine potato soup without corn could toss some in. 

Everyone loved the soup.  The flavors were amazing. 

Sorry no picture.  There were too many people and too much commotion going on.  Please tell me your kitchen gets like that too!


cindy. said...

this soup WAS amazing! YUM. so good! thanks for sharing, sister!

Lisa-Marie said...

SOUP! SOUP! SOUP! Tis the season and i love it.

I've never really found a baked potato soup recipe that I like (they all have condensed cream soup in them. YUCK!) BUT, but this one sounds heavenly! And your taste buds can be trusted, for sure!

Glad you had a good party. How fun that YOU have the party house now! Lucky girl!