Monday, November 15, 2010

Persimmon Salsa

I'm so curious to hear everyone's opinions about the PERSIMMON. I've heard a few yeahs and a few nays. So, what say the rest of you?

I for one was happy to see them in our basket again this week. Mostly because that means I get to make Persimmon Salsa again! We love salsa around here in many and all varieties and regular ole salsa jazzed up with some hot orange Persimmon did not disappoint our eyes (isn't persimmon the prettiest color?) or our taste buds. 

Here is how I made mine:

8 tomatilloes
4-5 persimmon
1 onion
garlic, fresh or garlic salt (or both!)
1/2 serrano pepper (these peppers are smaller than jalapenos but are much hotter. Add gradually. The 1/2 pepper was almost too much for my kiddos. But they still ate it!)
juice of 2 limes

Chop and dice it all up (or be lazy like me and throw it in the food processor!) Taste it and adjust any flavors spices as needed. 

This salsa could be made with red tomatoes as well. Or as an all fruit salsa and served with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.


Kate said...

My family eats them plain, like biting into an apple. So delicious!

jennschmerer said...

We tried this recipe:

for persimmon bread. I ommitted the nuts- not a nut person in baking. The two loaves only lasted a couple days- my family LOVED it. It's very time I'm going to add chocolate chips.

Marek said...

We love ours raw, cooked, you name it. WE.LOVE.PERSIMMONS.