Monday, March 7, 2011

Spinach Love

I was thrilled to get more spinach in our basket on Saturday!  I would love it if we got spinach every week.  There are so many health benefits to spinach and so many yummy things to do with it.  

For breakfast this morning I made my husband and I a delicious mango-banana-strawberry green smoothie.  A green smoothie has been a delicious start to many of our days lately!

Here are a few other great ideas I'm looking forward to to use up all that spinach we've been getting . . .

I actually made this one last week.  Overall, it was good.  My husband loved it.  I just didn't love the chicken . . . which really surprised me.  But the cheesy, creamy pasta was of course delicious!

This one is on this week's menu.  I'm thinking this will make my sweet husband very happy!

I'm looking forward to this one one day soon.  Although, I am going to complicate it a bit by making my own gnocci.  I've seen a few recipes for it and it doesn't seem too hard.  I'm hoping it will cut down on the cost a bit also.

What great ideas have you guys come up with to use all of the spinach we've been getting?  We'd LOVE to hear your ideas!

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Justin and Tisha said...

I made the tuscan garlic chicken and it was amazing! Everyone in my family loved it, and didn't realize it was spinach in the sauce! Thanks for the awesome recipies!