Monday, October 4, 2010

Painting with Produce!

My kids and I are visiting my family this week and we brought our acorn squash with us hoping it would get eaten here. Well, with two other sisters with acorn squash from their baskets, we had PLENTY!

So, in an effort to stick to my goal of not throwing ANYTHING away, I came up with this idea...
The kids had a blast! 
Even though the shape of the squash didn't transfer to the paper quite as well as I had envisioned, the kids loved painting with something other than plain old paint brushes.
By the time we were done, we had dug apples and celery out of the fridge too. 
The options are endless.
What a great (and MESSY) activity!
This is one we will definitely be doing again.

If you try Painting with Produce or any other fun activity with your produce, send us pictures and we'll pass the idea along!

And if you STILL have acorn squash left after this activity and haven't tried THIS recipe, you should. YUM!
 P.S. THEN...we baked and ate the seeds for a snack. They taste just like pumpkin seeds.
Good stuff!


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