Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did YOU Know This About APPLES?

My in-laws were in town last week.  It's always nice when they visit.  Sarah Jane and Luke are enamored with their Grandparents. 

Whenever my mother-in-law visits she always travels on the plane with an apple.  Not just any apple, but a sliced apple.  She usually only eats a piece or 2 while traveling and puts the remainder in the fridge and nibbles on it here and there while she's visiting. 

One day we were getting ready to go on an outing somewhere and I threw a Fuji into the diaper bag for when my 3 year old says she's hungry again (5 minutes after breakfast).  She's big enough now that she can eat the apple whole but I used to take a knife with us or truthfully I would bite chunks off and hand them to her.  Gross really, but it worked!  Anyway, this time I asked Liz what she puts on her apples after she cuts them to keep them from turning brown.  "I rinse them in cold water after I cut it," was her VERY SIMPLE reply. 

WHAT?!  Where have I been these 34 years?  That's it?  Cold water

I tested it out right there and then and folks I am here to tell you that apple stayed lovely enough for my daughter to eat 2 days later.  Yes, it turns a little, and I mean a little brown, but still is perfectly edible. 

Try it out next time you are on the go.  And if you already knew this trick, why didn't you share it with me sooner? 

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Lisa-Marie said...

get out!

that's awesome. i'm trying it.

p.s. my word verification thing for this comment is bickshot. but i think it should say, "bigshot." as in, you're such a bigshot for knowing that cool trick before the rest of us!!!

love you sis.