Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Doesn't Love the Smell of CITRUS?

Each evening in December as a family we read a scripture about Jesus Christ and then unwrap a Christmas themed book to read.  It's a lovely tradition and one my daughter who is 3 looks forward to.  (That makes wrapping all 24 books worth it.)  Some nights our stories are silly ones about Santa, or playing in the snow, and other nights the book is about the true meaning of Christmas. 

Last night our story, My Christmas Gift, taught my children that we give gifts at Christmas to represent the Greatest Gift Ever Given.  It's a sweet little story and teaches a wonderful message, in language even a 3 year old understands.

With some of the books I try to do an activity with Sarah the next day that ties into the book somehow.  I had written on the wrapping paper, "Make gifts for someone. Neighbors, g-parents..."  Now, I am not the most organized person and don't have these planned out ahead, so while I was in the shower, I rememered a simple little gift I made for my team-teachers one year.  If you purchased the citrus pack through BB this week or last, you are all set to make them. 

Purchase a cute Christmas mug.  (The $ store or Michaels always has some)  Then put a cellophane bag in it, fill with a sliced orange, sliced lemon, a few cinnamon sticks, and some whole cloves.  Tie it off with some ribbon and attach a note telling them to put all ingredients in a pot with some water and simmer all winter long.  They can continually add water and it will continue to smell amazingly for weeks and weeks.  It won't look as pretty but it will smell amazing. 

Nothing smells quite like it!!  MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm

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