Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anaheim Pepper Nacho Burgers

When I received all of those anaheim peppers in my basket on Saturday I was a little unsure of what to do with them until I remembered a recipe I read about on Friday morning while working out at the gym.  I couldn't find the magazine again so I just recreated the burger with what I could remember.  It did not disappoint and we are already planning on having these again next week. 

Anaheim Pepper Nacho Burgers (I am calling it that because every couple of bites it tasted like nachos to me.)

hamburger patties
pepper jack cheese
anaheim peppers, sliced and sauteed in a tsp oil until soft
tortilla chips, broken into pieces
hamburger buns (we use the orowheat thin buns.  you can taste the burger this way and not just a bunch of bread)

cook the hamburgers to your liking, top with pepper jack cheese.  Once the cheese melts, layer on the anaheim peppers and tortilla chips.  Add other burger toppings as you see fit. 

Stay tuned as we are trying another anaheim pepper recipe for dinner tonight and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it too will be divine!


Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

Thanks Kim, I'm always so confused what to do with the peppers. This sounds great!!! =)

ronni said...

You can freeze these peppers too! I just toss in a freezer bag and pull out as necessary. You can cut them up frozen and add to your dishes.

cindy. said...

um, your brother in law will be THANKING YOU when i make this for him. it's like his heaven all wrapped up dinner.

good work, sister!

cindy. said...

we had these for dinner last night and they WERE delish!

add some bbq sauce, tomatoes, grilled onion and lettuce and you've got yourself a homemade burger that rivals any five guys burger! we used super lean hamburger meat, and the thin, whole wheat buns making it much healthier than five guys too!

thanks for the great idea, sis!