Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aparagus Pesto

Does this not look so delicious?  Trust me, it is!!! 

SO SAD for me though because I have made far too many poor food choices this week to allow myself a helping of pasta and asparagus pesto. Part of the problem is it's so good, I won't want to have just a little portion, so I am better off not making it at all.  Next time!  But just because I made poor food choices doesn't mean the rest of you have to suffer.  You should make this and if you do, please enjoy a bite or 2 for me!

I am just going to link you to the recipe.  It's done so nicely on this website with amazing pictures that will make you want to make this recipe for sure, so click here and please enjoy!!

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brandy said...

I found this recipe a while ago and make it all the time. It freezes really well when you have lots of extra asparagus to use up!