Saturday, March 19, 2011


We've been slacking. 
Oh, you noticed?  :) 

1)  I have to tell you that the past couple of weeks when I have picked up my bountiful basket on Saturday morning it's been filled with many of my favorite fruits and vegetables and I started craving some of my favorite recipes we've already posted.  I tried to get myself to investigate new recipes because I find that exciting and I know many of you like to see what we find, but sometimes there's nothing like the tried and true!  So while the posts have been lacking, the cooking hasn't, there just hasn't been anything new to report. (I do have 2 recipes you should try.  I will post those soon.) 

2)  We have been horrible at checking our email and I am embarrassed to admit that there were emails in the inbox from February none of us had seen.  Terrible, I know.  I apologize to those of you who have sent in recipes and suggestions as well as those of you who have asked, "What's this____?!"  We even had someone ask if we were still updating our blogspot?  We are, just not very consistently.  We will be better about this because there are some great things being shared and we need to and want to share them. 

3)  We love to hear your comments, and suggestions.  We love to know that you do try the recipes we post.  Keep letting us know that and we too will strive to be better at posting the happenings in our kitchens! 

Now to those of you who were able to get a basket today, enjoy it! (I was too slow.  can't waist a second around here! the baskets sell out in a matter of minutes and there are a lot of sites to choose from. crazy!  but it's a good kind of crazy!)  

We'll be back soon. Promise!

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Tricia said...

You are doing an awesome job. Love the blog!