Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just for Fun Friday (On Tuesday!) - Fruit Kabobs!

The Setting: Applebee's Restaurant.
What: Surprising our kids with dessert for being such great kiddos and getting their morning chores done before school (without complaining!) all week.
The Conversation: Asking each child what their best part of the day was.
The Expectation: That they'd all answer getting to go out for dessert was the best part of their day.
The Surprise: That Connor's favorite part of the day was our after school snack.

So you might ask yourself, what kind of snack could beat out an ooey gooey ice cream treat? You might be surprised to know that it was FRUIT KABOBS!

This really is such a fun, tasty, and EASY way to use up all that Bountiful Basket fruit. My kids loved getting involved and creating their own snack. It's as simple as cutting your fruit into chunks and letting the kiddos kabob it onto skewers. If you don't have large skewers you could use toothpicks for mini versions as well. You could even jazz it up a bit by cutting some of the fruit out with cookie cutters.

So, even though it's not Friday (I didn't get this done fast enough last week), I wanted to share this before Thanksgiving because I think this would be a great side dish/salad to take to your festivities. You could take them all pre-made or use this idea as an activity/appetizer for the kids.


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