Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pears A Plenty

At Thanksgiving time my husband and I were baking our holiday pies.  Me, an apple pie, he a cherry.   Our daughter was of course in the kitchen assisting when she insisted on making her own little pie.  The apple filling was gone, as were the cherries, but since she wanted to make a pie to give to her grandparents, I had to find something.  We had some BB pears and so a pear pie it was. 

Since we received a large bag of pears this week; all in need of ripening, I thought I would share this recipe we found. Now, I didn't actually get to taste the pie, because it was made for 2 specific people and those of you who know my girl, know that if that's what she had planned, that's EXACTLY what happened.  :)  But, both my parents thought it was good, and really, why not?  Pears and pies are both delicious, so together, they must be perfect!! 

If all our BB pears from this week ripen at once, I might have to talk her into making another pie that she and I can share. 

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~ B. said...

Sounds delicious! And she's such a cutie! I'm thinking of making some pear tartlettes with ours! Mmm! I sure do love the pears!